Single Page Auto Acrolling

Bespoke Single-Page Auto-Scrolling Design


Our exclusive auto-scrolling single-page sites are highly favoured by new business owners seeking a swift, professional, and cost-effective online presence.

Incorporating a distinctive scrolling feature, the website comprises three distinct sections. Users can effortlessly navigate to their preferred section with a simple click, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

Each website design is crafted to reflect your business’s unique identity, aligning perfectly with your logo’s colours and fonts to maintain consistent branding.



Includes captivating image designed to attract customer/client attention.

Contains a concise business description highlighting its unique selling points and reasons for choosing your services.

Features color-matched buttons that direct users to service and contact sections.


Lists all your business services in a unique accordion format, revealing additional details upon selection.


Provides contact information such as phone number and email address, both of which are clickable.

Google Maps integration for displaying physical location (if required).

Offers a built-in contact form that automatically sends messages to your designated email, requesting all contacts details.


Includes quick links to all website sections for easy access.

Displays business information.


Say goodbye to wasting time setting up or worrying about any administration tasks. We get this all done For You, so you can focus on what matters most.

We write all the copy/content on the website ourselves, focusing on target keywords for SEO.

Including 12 months complimentary website hosting, virus protection + SSL Certificate.

Approximate Development Timeframe: 7 days for first draft – need it quicker? Let us know.

Revisions: Unlimited – as part of our client satisfaction guarantee.

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